Featured Player: John Greco

John Greco is an 10th year player out of the University of Toledo where he was a 4x all Mac Player. John went to Boardman High School in Youngstown, Ohio and also played some tight end there. John caught a few passes during his 4 years at Boardman but really transitioned into a full sized tackle with how much his frame could carry.

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Finding a John Greco browns Jersey shouldn’t be difficult. His jersey can be found here on our affiliate link on Amazon.com (here). There were multiple occasions where John told small white players to shut the F up Gamby, when they used to piss him off during practice and scout team. Other than that, John is a pretty great guy, according to sources. He enjoys to play piano in his spare time and loves petting his cats. He is frequent patron of the Bar “frickers” when he goes to Toledo for homecoming, and hardly anyone can believe he’s still in the leage because he’s as old as Moses, graduated in fricking 2008 and still in the league. Dude old as hell, but still healthy some how.

Good for him!

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